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Fri, 11 May 2007 19:32:26 GMT
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You can now embed your ResumeBay resume in other websites like MySpace. Here's my profile. If you look in the About Me, you'll see my resume in full.

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chris is sexy and do need a girlfriend but get one who know what life is about and not on the game thing that female be playing
It would be nice if you offered a javascript that loaded the info from your database in real time, so that updates would be reflected in the widget as you made them on the site, without having to regenerate the widget.  Just a thought.  --Chip

Miller sucks! i think lindy ruff should not have traded Martin Biron!!

Martin Biron rocks!!!

we are gonna loose tomorrow to ottwas i know it!!   No!!!

Excellent thought Chip. Let me thing about it.


Chris is a good guy he is a good family man with children


Why all the ?'s about Zach's personal life?

This is personally offensive to me, and I would like it to stop please. 

Any ?'s, u can email me at

fuck yall bithes. yall some fucked up hoes

i know who miguel batista's gf


I met miguel and his girlfriend at RA in Ahwatukee. They both were equally crazy with each other. Miguel Batista's eyes were glued on his beautiful girlfriend. I thought that it was great for his girlfriend to introduced herself to the waiter. I then asked the wait staff to tell me what her name was. Tash! One would only where this goddess came from? Very pettite, beautiful golden brown skin, her eyes would bring a global warming in 10 seconds, the brightest teeth that would melt an iceberg. Batista is one lucky bastard!

People we want to see a picture of Miguel Batista's girlfriend!!!!! Don't you???? I read a lot about Tash and I want to see her picture(S) please if you know her, please post her pictures. It's not fair to just read about her, I want to see her pictures!!!!!!!  Damn, why do you guys like to tease men???? Do you think his girlfriend Tash would have a web? Is she a part of the showbiz? Model? Tell me!!! I am willing to pay a lot of money to get this woman's information!!!!!

all I can

Miguel Batista was one of the 20 most hottest Latino in People En Espanol but I think his girlfriend should be the number 1 pick for the Hottest in the Universe!!!  Ladies you ain't got nothing on this exotic! If sweets are like her I will be eating it for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a lot of Snacks in between!!!!! 

Miguel Batista is in love with this woman in Arizona? It's too bad the long distance relationship is not going to last. I am talking about my personal experienced. Sounds like it would be hard for Miguel Batista to replace such a rare find. Does he write a lot of poem for Tash?
As long as Miguel Batista and his girlfriend love each other, distance is nothing. I know it must be hard on his girlfriend that he travels a lot! Does anyone know what his girlfriend does for a living? She sounds like a model or famous. Can someone post a pix of miguel batista's girlfriend!
Love and devotion is the way I describe Miguel Batista and his girlfriend taj

Miguel Batista is definitely in love with Taj. You guys should see how he looked at her. They were both just two madly in love and just having fun. I saw them at the magic show. He looked handsome and Taj looked dazzling!

I have read different articles about Taj, personnaly, I am offended with how people described her. She is a friend of mine. Why is it that she is labelled as "she only dates rich and famous?" I have known her for 5 years and she is NOT THAT AT ALL! Taj is very kind, generous and most of all DOES NOT NEED A MAN TO SUPPORT HER! She is her own woman. I have full admiration for her because if you only know her, you will be inspire of how strong of a person she is. She is an inspiration to a lot of people especially single parents / moms. I think if none of you can say good things about someone, please just keep your ugly comments to yourself. I think Miguel Batista is the fortunate one to have known such a genuine woman.

I read some outrageous comments on Miguel Batista's gilfriend article. First of all, I don't think he is the type to screw different women and for those girls to say that he cheated on them while he was on triple A, that was so long ago, and it's quite obvious those girls have not let go of whatever fixations they have with Miguel Batista. He may or may have not dated those girls back then, who cares???!!!! They sounded just like the rest of the groupies. I think Miguel Batista is happy with Taj and if he did all those back in the days, WHO CARES????? Those girls just need to get a life and leave him alone. Those girls are jealous because Miguel Batista finally found the Love of His life and Taj is definitely the catch of the century. I have not read anything bad about Taj. She sounds like the perfect match for Miguel. I say, more power to you Miguel and your girlfriend Taj. Don't listen to those losers! They can only wished!!
I want to know how Miguel Batista met his girlfriend Taj. I actually have a friend that knows Taj. My friend did not even know that Taj's boyfriend is the Mariner's Pitcher Miguel Batista! Sounds like she is a private person. That's good for her to do that. Reading all the articles about Miguel Batista and Taj, to me, I think Taj made Miguel Batista more famous. My friend told me that Taj is just a normal lady. She is not a model or an actress.

Taj is definitely tiny! Way tiny for Miguel Batista. I saw them at RA Sushi. A mutual friend by the named Mike S. introduced me to her. She is stunning! Everyone described her as having the whitest teeth, I agree. I think the best damn teeth that colgate has ever made.LOL! However, I have to say that I digged her caramel skin tone, ( I will give anything to have her silky and tanned skin!) No offense Miguel, I think her breast are the bomb! Dude, are those real? I don't care, either way, those puppies looked great! To me, I think her best asset is her "ASS" damn! just thinking about it makes me,, okay I will take a cold shower. I will ask my friend Mike about her nationality. Personally I think she is hawaii and brazilian. Very exotic! I know a lot of men are probably intimidated by her. I was when Mike introduced me to her. I wonder how Miguel Batista met her?  If Taj likes bald men, I WILL BE HAPPY TO SHAVE MY HAIR FOR HER!!!! What's the 411?

Some of the comments on Miguel and Taj's relationship are not neccessary. Miguel and Taj are human and they get hurt. Some men needs to be respectful of Miguel's girlfriend. Really no need to just focus on Taj's physical beauty. I am sure that Miguel is not only after her beauty. Remember people we are talking about the Mr. Good Guy of baseball!

People, don't you understand? Neither Taj or Miguel care about what you have to say about their relastionship! Some of you girls claiming that Miguel is a big time player and have children all over, you can only dream! and for you guys to say that Taj is a player and would only go out with the rich and famous, is rediculous! Why are you people saying horrible stupid things about Miguel and Taj? Don't you have anything better to do with your time but talk bad about Miguel Batista and Taj?
Taj and Miguel Batista are happier than ever! Great looking couple. Go Miguel and Taj!!!!

I know Miguel does not treat Taj with the respect that she deserves. I am one of the many women whom he sees from time to time. I am surprise that he's open with his relationship with Taj and they are seen in public places. I think Taj is the only woman that he can be proud of to introduce in the world as his girlfriend. It sounds to me that Taj is a good woman. I hope he does not break her heart. What can I say, once a player is always gonna be a player!

Hey people! Taj and Miguel don't care what the F*** you think or say!!! They both know the real deal!
Leave Miguel Batista  and Taj  alone! They need their privacy. They are people with real feelings! Why is it that you people say horrific stories about their lives? You guys need to find something else productive with your time! Taj and Miguel are great people. Let them be!
Je vous remercie pour cette opportunit�! Casino
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