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Thu, 30 Jun 2011 14:29:34 GMT
Maintaining Your Personal Online Reputation
With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, and the thousands of blogs roaming the internet these days, one false slip could have your latest screw-up going viral. Politicians have been caught via Twitter, employees have lost jobs because of their Facebook profiles, and families have been torn apart because of a few tactless blog posts. If you are trying to find a job, you need to protect the image that the internet may be conveying about you, and the best way to do that is through online reputation management.
Although Online Reputation Management is generally a strategy used by small and large corporations alike, it is also a great one for individuals interested in seeking a career to employ too. The bottom line is employers will search for you on the internet prior to hiring, and if a photo of you binge drinking or a blog post containing rants of how much you hate your job pops up, you can guarantee they will move on to the next applicant.
To better protect your personal online reputation, take a few lessons from business online reputation management strategies. Companies often protect their image through the following easy management strategies:
Protecting Your Brand…or in this Case, Your Name
Clean up any social networking sites you may be a part of. Don't simply privatize your photos. Many employers have the IT teams and software that can easily bypass these protections. If you want potential employers to think you are a hardworking and respectable person, have your Facebook profile reflect that. Tell your friends to stop posting lewd comments on your wall, and remove any indecent photos. Also be sure to update your information so that beer pong and flip cup still aren't listed under your Favorite Activities.
Increasing Your Visibility
Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, YouTube, LinkedIn, you name it and you should be on it. Not only will this help you convey that you are a good person regardless of the social media platform employers begin searching for you on, but it will also show that you are able to work with these types of sites easily and on a regular basis. Many companies are seeking individuals who are competent with social networking sites, and are definitely more likely to hire someone who is over someone who isn't.
Building Trust
It may sound a little strange that you should be posting yourself all over every social networking site, but there is another reason for doing so – it helps employers build trust. Not only do they see you conveying the same image across multiple platforms, but they also see that you are not afraid to put yourself out on the web. It shows that you have less to hide, and to an employer it means that you are less likely to be a liability.
The current job market is a rough one, but if you are able to protect your online image while distributing top-quality resumes, you greatly increase your likelihood of obtaining interviews and call backs.
Wed, 23 May 2007 07:45:07 GMT
McAfee says ResumeBay is POTENTIALLY Phishing

When navigating my website today, McAfee reported the following...

McAfee has detected a potential phishing Web site.
Phishing sites appear to be legitimate, but they request you to provide sensitive information, which can be used to commit fraud.
McAfee recommends that you block this Web site.

WTF? Are these guys looking for a lawsuit? This is blatant libel. People have to stand up to McAfee and show them the finger for these false positives.

Fri, 11 May 2007 19:32:26 GMT
Embed Your Resume

You can now embed your ResumeBay resume in other websites like MySpace. Here's my profile. If you look in the About Me, you'll see my resume in full.

Thu, 10 May 2007 21:38:57 GMT
Facebook Resume

You can now import your resume from Facebook. Go here and click the Facebook graphic.

Thu, 03 May 2007 16:26:08 GMT
RSS Resume

Yesterday, Douglas Karr left a very challenging comment on Chip' Quips. Basically, Douglas wants to use RSS as an envelop for his resume. Others could subscribe to his resume and get an update whenever his resume changes.

Douglas has written before on this subject. He would like to do a tag query on Technorati and find matching resumes.

Standards for embedding resumes in RSS already exist. Microformats is the most commonly used format, but you can also simply embed an HR-XML Resume object in your RSS <item>. So, I decided to make this functionality available on ResumeBay. Hack. Hack! And done.

Wed, 02 May 2007 03:57:42 GMT
ResumeBay does Word
You can now export the resumes you create in ResumeBay into Word format (actually its RTF). Simply go to the homepage while logged-in and you'll see the new alternate view for your resume.
Mon, 30 Apr 2007 20:59:32 GMT
Total DNS Failure
This afternoon, my hosting service took it upon themselves to screw up my DNS settings. They moved my DNS settings to a new name server, deleted them from the old server, then failed to point my name server records to the new server. If you can't get ResumeBay right now, neither can you read this, but if you could, then you'd know why we are AWOL.
Mon, 30 Apr 2007 02:46:19 GMT
Use ResumeBay and Win

I'm already announcing two winners in our contest to get users to give us great feedback. I promised one winner every week, but we got such great feedback the first day, that I'm giving away two prizes.

  1. Richard Pilkington has long been one of ResumeBay's biggest users. He had the largest (in KBs) resume of anyone not associated with ResumeBay. The new editor didn't work with his existing HR-XML resume and this gave us plenty of bugs to fix.
  2. Sterling Camden was one of the original ResumeBay users. In fact, I think we first met when he submitted a bug shortly after ResumeBay first launched. We are now great friends.

Thanks guys. I've already sent Richard a $20 book from Amazon and will be doing the same for Sterling as soon as he tells me what he wants. I've got another $150 to pay out. If you want $20 in Amazon merchandise, then simply use ResumeBay, find a bug or recommend a feature.

Sat, 28 Apr 2007 21:04:21 GMT
Resume Editor

I completely rewrote the Resume Editor. Got big plans. I'm looking for people to try it and tell me what they think. The people that send me the best bug reports, usability thoughts and feature requests will all receive free stuff from Please take a look!

Thu, 19 Apr 2007 20:02:56 GMT
ResumeBay worth $1,030,494

According to dnScoop, ResumeBay is worth $1,030,494 after only one year of operation. 

My Site is worth

How much is your site worth?